Drone Videography

Drone Videography in the Saint Paul Minneapolis area is here and it’s here to stay. Our team is FAA Part 107 Licensed and we have multiple types of drones to make certain we are providing what you need. FPV drones are the newest Craze. Being able to fly through gaps the size of a tire or under a chair. We can do it. Topping out at 85 mph we can get your dream shot of a race car or any high speed action scene. We carry the cinematic drones as well. If you need the slow and steady shot. We got it. You need that high intensity, fly through a small gap shot. We can do it.

Lets’ not forget that drone photography is also a service we provide. Let us know your project, we can consult and give you our professional advice.

Flooding of Twin Lakes, Wisconsin

Harmony Estates – Ham Lake, Minnesota

Dogtown Days (official video – long version)